White Dorper Sheep (WDS)

Prime Lambs • Breeding Stock • Education

The White Dorper Sheep (WDS) Enterprise consists of between 300 and 400 breeding ewes, producing 400 to 550 lambs per year. Wether lambs and cull females are sold as prime lambs being enjoyed by consumers in some of the top Sydney restaurants and boutique butcher shops. Ewe lambs that fit our selection criteria for conformation, growth rate, fertility and shedding ability are retained in the flock to strengthen quality and increase our genetic potency. Breeding ewes and rams are sold to commercial lamb producers looking to produce high yielding, trade weight carcasses at young ages. Surplus breeding ewes, and wethers, are also sold to owners of small blocks due to their ease of care. Rams can be leased to small block owners to join their breeding ewes.

Our mission for WDS is to promote the benefits and care of this breed through education and be the preferred supplier of White Dorper Sheep for hobby farmers, commercial producers and meat wholesalers.

The vision is that:

  • WDS supplies the highest quality prime lambs and breeding stock (ewes and rams) at a competitive price for our clients.
  • WDS provides information and a consultation service to assist producers with buying, selling and the efficient management of their White Dorper Sheep.

Services offered by WDS include:

  • Information, advice and assistance:
    • Benefits and care of this breed
    • Buying, selling and transport
    • Breeding and flock management
    • Pest animal control
  • DIY workshops:
    • lamb marking, vaccinating, drenching

Products offered by WDS include:

  • Prime lambs
  • Breeding ewes and rams
  • Wethers as ‘lawnmowers’ & horse companion animals
  • Ram lease

Why are Dorpers perfect for Australian conditions?

The Dorper is a South African breed of sheep that does exceptionally well under harsh Australian conditions.

“We chose Dorpers because we were impressed by their hardiness and survivability, low maintenance and ability to utilise poor quality feed to rapidly gain weight.

The breed is also highly fertile ... ewes lamb three times in two years (130% every 7-8 months).

Dorpers are more resilient to worms than other sheep breeds.

Full blood Dorpers don’t require shearing.

The Dorper is the perfect sheep for the small farmer with its easy care and very productive traits.”

Source: Small Farms magazine article May 2010 – ‘Farming the Dorper breed’.

Please contact us so that CRS can assist you with any aspect of buying, selling and the efficient management of your White Dorper flock.


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