Farm Planning & Management (FP&M)

Customised Advice • Plans • Reports

Have you just purchased, or are you ready to improve, your property? Do you need an assessment of the current condition of above ground assets or soil tests on your land? Perhaps you need advice or assistance to optimise the layout and use of your land, to make more money, to be better prepared for challenging circumstances such as drought, or something else?

Our mission for Farm Planning & Management (FP&M) is to help our clients articulate and achieve their management goals & objectives for their rural land.

The vision is that:

  • FP&M is committed to the principles of sustainable, environmentally responsible, best practice farming.
  • FP&M advises our clients on the cost benefit of their options and prepares plans and reports.
  • FP&M advises our clients on contemporary issues such as managing for and through drought and adapting agriculture to the effects of climate change.

Services offered by FP&M include:

  • Consulting for private and government clients
  • Property visits and discussions
  • Current condition assessments of above ground assets (i.e. plants, livestock, fences and outbuildings)
  • Soil tests
  • Advising clients on the cost benefit of their options and providing recommendations
  • Referring clients to service providers
  • Farm management on landowners behalf

Products offered by FP&M include:

Farm Plans:

A Farm Plan is like a ‘roadmap’ of where you want to be and how to get there. Farm Plans incorporate current condition assessments and recommendations to achieve management goals and objectives. They can be progressively developed at the clients pace.

Soil test reports

Consulting reports

For advice & assistance to optimise the use and management of your rural land please contact us and we will visit your property to discuss your needs.


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