Spraying Services (SS)

Recommendation • Product • Application

The Spraying Services (SS) Enterprise offers a complete, reliable and experienced Spraying Service for rural properties starting with a spray recommendation tailored for your needs. For your convenience, product of any quantity can be supplied (meaning you won’t have to handle or store dangerous chemicals). You are assured of the highest quality job as SS uses highly manoeuvrable, accurate, GPS guided equipment for spray application on your land.

The building block of healthy pastures is healthy soils. CRS is proud to extend its spraying services to include the supply and application of liquid fertilisers, soil conditioners and microbes for a more natural and sustainable approach to your land management.

Our mission for Spraying Services (SS) is to be the preferred supplier of all spraying services for rural properties.

The vision is that:

  • SS provides the highest quality services and products at a competitive price for our clients.
  • SS achieves maximum results while minimising environmental impacts.
  • SS provides a complete spraying service including:
    • spray recommendation
    • product supply
    • application
  • SS partners with the FP&M Enterprise to offer a consultation service on more natural and sustainable approaches to establishing healthy pastures.

Services offered by SS include:

  • Recommendation (advice on chemicals & natural products)
  • Product (any quantity)
  • Application using specialised equipment (boom and spot/hand spraying)
  • Advice on pasture renovation and management (this service is linked to the FP&M Enterprise)

Products offered by SS include:

  • Chemicals (herbicides, pesticides)
  • Liquid fertilisers
  • soil conditioners and microbes (all natural)

For assistance with chemical control of weeds, plant pests & diseases this season, or to increase soil fertility as a more natural approach to weed control and pasture improvement please contact us to discuss your needs and options.


CRS Services and Products Brochure